Waste managers

Gestionnaire de dechets

Make responsible use of your non-recyclable waste

The amount of non-recyclable waste managed requires you to be environmentally responsible. With pyrolysis technology, PyroCore offers you a modular, turnkey and easy-to-use solution for on-site waste management at the source. This decentralised approach allows you to produce biochar, energy and recycle materials that are usually buried or destroyed.

Your objectives

  • Reduce treatment costs by limiting incineration and landfill
  • Reduce your residues: after pyrolysis, the decarbonated residue from pyrolysis represents 10% of the original waste.
  • Become eco-responsible by integrating new products into production

Your customised PyroCore

La pyrolyse, accélérateur CSR

Pyrolysis, a CSR accelerator

  • Greater circularity
  • Reduced carbon footprint (negative CO2 emissions from pyrolysis)
  • Net Energy produced without fossil fuels
  • IED or MCPD compliance as standard
  • Technology without additional energy input (self-powered out of ignition)
  • Excess energy can be used as heat, steam, cold or electricity
  • Recovery of materials embedded in polymers: metals, carbon or glass fibres
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Take advantage of our expertise and know-how

  • Our technology has proven itself with machines operating for 10 years in marine environments.
  • We adapt our solution to your specific needs.
  • Contact us to discuss your specific needs.
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