Local authorities

Maîtriser la gestion et le coût de vos déchets.

Controlling the management and cost of your waste is more than ever a priority!

In the framework of the regional waste management plan, the “waste” aspect takes on a crucial dimension. Local authorities need to take advantage of the most innovative and economical techniques for waste prevention, reuse, and recycling. With PyroCore’s modular and decentralised solutions, you can set up a waste recovery system that promotes carbon sequestration and respects the environment.

Type de déchets

Your objectives

  • Recycle non-recycled waste into the circular economy and achieve zero waste
  • Return bio-waste to the earth
  • Produce energy and reduce processing costs
  • Reduce the waste management carbon footprint
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Your customised PyroCore

Transformez vos déchets en nouveaux produits et en énergies récupérables

Turn your waste into new products and recoverable energy

The syngas obtained through pyrolysis treatment allows the solution to be energy self-sustaining and gives you an additional and economically viable source of energy for use as steam, heat, or combined heat and power using an ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle). The solid residue produced sequesters some of the carbon from the waste in the form of a biochar from biomass or char, from plastics and other materials, which can be incorporated into composite materials or have other uses.

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L'expertise Pyrocore

Take advantage of our expertise
and know-how

  • Our technology has a proven track record with machines operating for 10 years in marine environments.
  • We offer a modular, turnkey, easy-to-operate solution with on-site waste management and remote control.
  • We tailor our solution to your territory and your needs.
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Mike Curnow

PyroCore has been supporting the Ministry of Defence, Babcock International Group and the Queen Elizabeth Class (QEC) Aircraft Carriers (HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS Prince of Wales) since 2018. In recognition of the importance of PyroCore’s support to these platforms, Babcock International Group selected PyroCore as a Key Support Provider (KSP) performing the function of OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) for the innovative pyrolysis technology in 2020 (…) Our strong relationship with PyroCore has developed due to their knowledge and working experience of Pyrolysis technology, and their collaborative ethos. We look forward to continuing this relationship throughout the QEC Aircraft Carrier operational life. ”

M D Curnow MSSP Chief Engineer