Biochar producers

Le biochar, un marché convoité

Boost your competitiveness in the biochar market!

Since the recognition by the IPCC as to the significance of biochar, your activity benefits from a tenfold credibility and importance in the achievement of carbon neutrality by 2050. It is no coincidence that many start-ups and corporation, NGOs and environmental groups are entering this promising market. With PyroCore, you gain in efficiency and competitiveness by optimising your production and use of EBC Feed and/or AgroFeed grade biochar. How do you stand out in this highly competitive business?

enjeux biomasse

Your objectives

  • Valorise your forestry and sawmill residues, straw, hemp, biomass waste from agriculture and the food industry into biochar
  • Gain in competitiveness
  • Stand out from your competitors
  • Gain in energy autonomy

Your customised PyroCore

Le biochar, une solution circulaire

Biochar, a circular solution

Biochar, derived from the pyrolysis of biomass, brings real added value thanks to its capacity to sequester atmospheric carbon in the soil over the long term. With the PyroCore solution, the proximity of the source of waste production increases your potential for circularity.

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La pyrolyse, accélérateur CSR

Pyrolysis, a CSR accelerator

  • Greater circularity
  • Reduce your carbon footprint (carbon capture from pyrolysis)
  • Net Energy produced without fossil fuels
  • IED or MCPD compliance as standard
  • Technology without additional energy input (self-powered out of ignition)
  • Excess energy can be used as heat, steam, cold or electricity
  • Recovery of materials embedded in polymers: metals, carbon or glass fibres
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