Pyrolysis offers a circular solution that is environmentally friendly and ideal for your non-recycled waste streams or biomass. It is one of the essential solutions for reducing carbon emissions and its sequestration.

The process

Pyrolysis involves the heating at high temperature of materials (between 600 and 900°C in the thermal oxidiser, from 500 to 850°C in the reactor) in an atmosphere that is deprived of oxygen. Under these conditions, the under process does not combust, but instead undergoes a chemical decomposition producing gasses and a solid material known as char. This process captures carbon and does not release CO2, which gives the possibility to create value for a second time.

The pyrolysis of waste allows you to recover on the one hand, a syngas with a high energy content, and on the other hand, a solid residue (similar to coal) which can, depending upon the materials being processed, be reintegrated in the production cycle.

It is a circular and ecological solution to manage waste that is not recyclable and therefore not currently recycled.

Le procédé Pyrocore
  • At a glance

    The Pyrolysis process is carried out in the absence of oxygen and naturally lowers emission levels, helping you to meet your carbon neutrality commitments by decarbonising your energy footprint.

  • 1 • Preparation

    The waste is shredded and/or dehydrated (typical moisture content <25%) to guarantee optimal efficiency. The pre-treatment, shredding and loading systems are designed in collaboration with our technological partners and adapted to the specific typology of your waste. They can be integrated into your existing waste treatment facilities.

  • 2 • Thermal technology

    The pyrolysis reactor usually operates at a temperature of about 850°C, but this can vary depending on the type of waste and optimised for efficiency or output by means of an user friendly PLC. On heating, the waste is reduced to a thermally decomposed solid carbon-based char and a raw syngas.

  • 3 • Energy production

    The gas that is generated during the pyrolysis process is then directed around the pyrolysis reactor, allowing the process to be self-sustaining. The combusted gas is then passed through a heat exchanger and converted into thermal energy, to produce heat in the form of hot water or steam which can be converted into electricity.

  • 4 • Product recovery

    The inert char typically represents 10% of the original waste volume. At this stage, metals, glass, and other raw materials are recovered for recycling, in line with the needs of a circular economy. In the case of biogenic materials, the char can be converted back into biochar.

1 t/hour processing capacity for 2 integrated solutions
32,7Mt of waste exported in 2020 from the EU to non-EU countries Source: European Commission
0,7Gt/year of waste is recycled, compared to 7.4Gt/year of treated material Source: EPRS

The circularity

The use of pyrolysis makes the process self-sufficient in energy or produces electricity. Pyrolysis offers a circular and ecological solution to manage so-called non-recyclable waste by reusing the resulting materials in the economic cycle.
It supplies an alternative, responsible and economically viable sector.

1 In-feed system
Configurable and highly flexible
2 Pyrolysis kiln
3 Char Removal
And conditioning system
4 Thermal Oxidiser
Fuelled by syngas
5 Heat recovery
Integrable with options for utilisation
6 ID fan and Exhaust stack
With optional CEMS
La circularité Pyrocore

Your benefits

Le sur mesure


You select and control the operating parameters according to your objectives and we create a specific solution that we install on your site.

Une contribution environnementale

An environmental contribution

You participate in the preservation of fossil resources, in the creation of renewable energies, in the circular economy and you keep your CSR commitments.

Le suivi opérationnel

Operational monitoring

We support your operations, by assessing operational data to advise on maintenance and operational processes to capitalise on the most efficient use of the system.

Une solution économique

An economical solution

You benefit from an energy self-sufficient solution that also creates new energy (heat, electricity, gas)

Our tailor-made support

Our business is both tailor-made and global. Our teams advise you, accompanying you in the implementation of our Pyrolysis solution , ensuring the maintenance and monitors the benefits for you.

  • Engineering officeTeam

    Composed of specialised technicians and engineers with strong technical expertise, the team designs and implements system solutions, tailored to the customer’s needs. After a phase of research and tests on customer specific wastes and feedstocks, we determine the quality and content of the recovered char, along with any possible additional material recovery and energy production options. The team will then validate the business case, advising the potential circular economy benefits based on the variable operating parameters, all in consultation with the customer.

  • Financing

    To help you set up your on-site pyrolysis system, our financing department evaluates for you the investment required for its design, its implementation, and the training of your site staff. PyroCore Ltd calculates the energy recovered for your specific waste and, above all, makes a detailed plan of the profitability according to the reduction of your waste processing costs and the benefits of their recovery.  It provides you with a complete report.

  • Design, installation, and commissioning Team

    In collaboration with the engineering team, a specific system solution will be adapted utilising a range of standardised, modular options. The system will then be delivered, installed and commissioned by our specialist team. A handover period including training is included within the service to ensure the customer obtains the full capability to operate the system autonomously.

  • Onsite Operation and maintenance (O&M)

    Our pyrolysis system is maintained by qualified teams, able to adapt their experience to your site and equipment. A bespoke maintenance schedule will be proposed and implemented to ensure maximum system availability for the customer. Our team provides technical support by phone, online and on site, and even a 24/7 service as an option. Remote monitoring allows our technicians to quickly resolve specific problems should they arise.

Notre site de démonstration

Our demonstration site

To prove the ability of our technology to treat your non-recycled waste, we have set up a demonstration centre in Avonmouth, Bristol (UK). More than a communication tool, it is also a laboratory for analysing economic models and environmental benefits thanks to the data collected there: yields, energy, thermal and mass balance, emissions, and by-product recovery.

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