Waste recovery

PyroCore’s pyrolysis solution covers many types of waste, from biomass to plastics, that can be used as raw material. This recovery step is more essential than ever.

The PyroCore solution, based on a decentralised waste management strategy, constitutes a fundamental “link” to help the Industry towards net carbon neutrality and zero waste by 2050.

Source : GIEC 2022


of waste in the world between 2016 and 2050

Source : La Banque mondiale.

For what purpose?

Pyrolysis treatment generates a syngas that provides the energy necessary to drive the pyrolysis process and provides excess thermal energy. It also produces a solid residue, that sequesters some of the carbon in the waste, in the form of biochar or charcoal. This can be integrated into composite materials after extraction of any recyclable materials.

pyrocore - energie


The energy released from pyrolysis is used to power heating, cooling, steam or electricity generation systems.

pyrocore - char


Char is the carbonaceous and decontaminated residue of certain pyrolysis wastes.

pyrocore - biochar


As the charcoal obtained by pyrolysis from biomass residues, biochar is used for soil enrichment, animal feed, anaerobic digestion, and oil absorption. PyroCore has independent EBI certified data from trials making EBC feed and Agrofeed grade charcoal.

Valorisation des déchets

A triple objective : treatment, recovery, and circularity

The exclusive PyroCore management system allows the treatment of multiple non-recycled wastes. PyroCore’s mission is to identify the parameters allowing the optimal recovery of your waste streams and to test them to qualify them. We then support you throughout the entire management process. The objective? To increase circularity and use the recovered energy in an environmentally friendly way and reduce costs.
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