Que faire de vos résidus non recyclés ?

Gain in eco-responsibility at a controlled cost

Your activity may produce waste with a significant disposal cost that you have to treat with corporate and environmental responsibility. With PyroCore, you have the opportunity to reduce your treatment costs while gaining in energy independence. In addition to treating and eliminating residues, our pyrolysis installations generate excess heat that you can use as an alternative to fossil fuels. In addition, the system can also produce highly valuable biochar.

industriels enjeux

Your objectives

  • Reduce energy costs.
  • Lower carbon footprint.
  • Strengthen competitiveness.

Your customised PyroCore

Recyclez sans danger

Recycle safely

Our on-site processing reduces the distance your waste travels. And you can be sure that it has been disposed of responsibly in a pyrolysis system.

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Participez à l’économie circulaire

Participate in the circular economy

PyroCore allows you to process your waste in an environmentally compliant technology with the possibility of being carbon neutral or even carbon negative.

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