PyroCore is a GreenTech company offering compact, industrial-scale waste management pyrolysis technology, producing energy and reusable by-products.

Our history

2018 – Launch phase
  • Creation of PyroCore SA
  • 3T Finance (Belgium) invests €25M
  • Implementation of contracts with MOD
2019 – 2020 / Maturity phase
  • Launch of the first fully containerised solution
  • R&D facility installed and operational
  • Demonstration site and client feedstock trials
2021- 2022 / Expansion phase
  • Launch of the Phoenix 1 model
  • Creation of a waste and char library
  • Mersey Biochar project with Severn Wye: Biochar production unit generating carbon-negative energy for a local community
  • Community Power project: Medical waste treatment unit providing electricity (NHS)
Des valeurs fortes

Strong values

At PyroCore, we have the ambition to meet the technological, social, and environmental challenges of the modern world. Over the years, we have become one of the most innovative players in the energy transformation.

This success is based on cooperative, trusting partnerships with our customers. Together we create value and satisfaction.

It is also the shared values of all our teams that drives us forward. Indeed, every day, we strive to be always…

  • + Agile
  • + Ethical
  • + Supportive
  • + Reliable
  • + Creative

All this for the benefit of our customers, but also for a more sustainable environment.

A European presence

Demonstration and research site
Unit 203C Burcott Road
Avonmouth, Bristol
BS11 8AP
United Kingdom
+44 (0) 1275 740 280


Our headquarters
Chaussée de la Hulpe, 185
1170 Bruxelles
+32 (0) 2 616 55 55

29 rue de Lorraine
78200 Mantes La Jolie
+33 (0) 9 72 64 66 33

Une implantation européenne

A team of experts
dedicated to meeting your needs

Project Management

The Project Management team work closely with the customer (and internal teams) to plan, execute, monitor, control, and report on customer projects. This service is key to manage the expectations of the customer, ensuring a successful delivery of the customer solution to the required cost, schedule and quality. The team have extensive experience in the waste management industry, and delivery of major systems in similar industries.

Finance and Administration (central Services)

An agile and widely experienced team, based in Bristol and Brussels, who take care: In addition to the day-to-day management of the company’s finances, the team adopts a strong business-partnering philosophy to ensure sound commercial decision making and to make the most of available resources to maintain and grow our R&D program.


The Engineering team consists of a broad, multidisciplined skillset, across Process, Mechanical and C&I engineering. The team have a vast amount of experience designing, installing, testing and commissioning complex equipment and systems across a range of highly regulated industries. The Engineering team provide hands on support to the operation of the demonstration equipment to capitalise on experience for the design of existing and new products.

Supply Chain

The supply chain team is responsible for the purchase, expediting, delivery, and goods receiving of components for customer solutions, spares and consumables, to ensure an on time delivery to the customer’s facility.


Working closely with the business to ensure a flexible but well controlled purchasing system is in place both for our production requirements and also for the wider business.

Technical Services (Test Centre & Maintenance)

Responsible for the operation of the various demonstration equipment to support the sales journey inc the muffle furnace, Demonstration Unit and the Phoenix Responsible for the installation, commissioning, training and handover of customer solutions Responsible for planned and unplanned maintenance of operational customer solutions The Technical Services team have a wealth of experience operating pyrolysis systems, mechanical machinery, and process plant over the past 10 years. The team have a unique skill set, supporting the product design teams with operational expertise, from the most challenging environments, often supporting the UK Navy pyrolysis systems onboard the Queen Elizabeth Aircraft Carriers. The team build strong relationships with the customer from an early stage, supporting a smooth transition from commissioning to handover to the customer operational teams. Ongoing support and trouble shooting is a key aspect of our solution, lead by this team of diverse, pragmatic Engineers.


Having recently overseen the move to our new home in Avonmouth, our facilities team is dedicated to ensuring that all aspects of our site are well equipped and run smoothly throughout the year.


Ensuring the well-being of our team, managing the delivery of our impressive staff benefits scheme, and supporting manager in expanding their teams as we deliver our company growth objectives.

R&D department activities

PyroCore Ltd. carries out a limited amount of in-house research, namely on basic assessment of the pyrolysis behaviour of unusual feedstocks for initial characterisation of the char yield and composition. PyroCore Ltd. is constantly assessing the performance of its process and improving energy efficiency, minimising use of fossil fuels for startup and optimising process parameters for the production of EBC Feed and Agrofeed biochars from new feedstocks for clients. PyroCore ltd. is also assessing the recovery of glass and carbon fibres from multiple sourced composites and optimising the pyrolysis process and post processing to make valuable re-usable fibres.
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