Landfill stores waste.
Incineration burns waste.
PyroCore transforms it.
Into energy.
Into product.
And into value.

As a leader in small scale future-ready pyrolysis solutions, PyroCore can eliminate the need for landfill; reduce your carbon emissions; cut your waste, raw material and energy costs; and elevate your CSR.

This is not just a better way to manage waste. It is a transformative one.

For your business.
For your brand.
And for the future.

Transformative technology

Transformative Benefits


You take control

With proven PyroCore technology, you no longer rely on external providers to deal with your waste. This means:

  • Certainty that your waste is being managed in the most responsible way, respecting your duty of care
  • Long term cost certainty (at a time of rising landfill taxes)
  • You control the process outputs that most benefit your business

Cost Savings

PyroCore can permanently reduce your total waste management costs, reduce your energy costs and liberate materials with important financial value. Ask us for a bespoke ROI calculation for your business or organisation.


Real Energy Savings

The energy potential released from waste by the pyrolysis process is yours to use. Feed heat back into your buildings or use it for, refrigeration or desalination processes. Generate steam. Create electricity. Charge batteries. Transport it where it’s needed. The potential is limitless.


Critical environmental benefits

Pyrolysis typically reduces volumes of waste by 90-95%.

Eliminating vehicle movements associated with waste removal and energy offsetting can deliver large carbon reductions. The overall process has a very low emissions profile, and we are driving towards zero emissions equipment by 2021.


Drive your CSR

Adopting PyroCore technology is a potent symbol of environmental and sustainability intent that delivers true differentiation from your competitors and transformative support for your brand credentials and CSR ambitions.

Sustainable and resilient societies hinge on the responsible management of finite natural resources. Inadequate waste management (remote from source) is contributing to their rapid depletion and consequently environmental degradation. Demonstrating natural resource recovery from waste processed by our technology is the core commercial and environmental purpose that drives our PyroCore business & binds us together as an enterprise. To be a catalyst in the restoration of the dignity of the planet, both now and into the future is in our DNA

Linda Page, CEO

Transforming waste at sea

The waste generated from vessel operations presents serious challenges, including storage, use of manpower and environmental impact.

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