Demo Facility

Our Demonstration Facility enables us to confirm that your specific waste can be processed by PyroCore’s pyrolysis technology, as well as providing data to validate your economic and environmental goals.
Contact us to discuss your specific waste and how Pyrocore can help you meet your Net Zero commitments, improve circularity and save money.


Using PyroCore’s rapid-deployment ISO container variant, along with best-of-breed shredders, conveyors, abatement, and heat exchangers we are able to:

- Conduct fully representative trials of customers’ own waste or demo a similar waste
- Determine char quality and content
- Confirm materials recovery to inform your circular economy requirements
- Validate business cases based on numerous operating parameters
- Support 3rd party detailed waste analysis
- Calculate energy generation for your specific waste
- Provide a comprehensive report on the process and specific results


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To enquire about our technology or to arrange a trial of your waste fill out the form below.

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