At the heart of PyroCore is pyrolysis, a transformative process using high temperatures in the absence of oxygen to decompose waste to small volumes, unlocking its thermal energy and capturing carbon in a char. This energy is used for heating, chilling, steam generation or electricity. Carbon is captured in the char along with recoverable by-products (such as metals, glass, compounds or biochar), providing an environmentally-friendly circular solution to problematic and difficult waste streams.


Our Process


The pyrolysis process is conducted in an oxygen-free environment inherently lowering emissions and helping you meet your NetZero commitments by decarbonising your carbon footprint.


Waste is typically shredded and / or dewatered (typ <25%) to ensure maximum efficiency. The pre-processing, shredders and feed systems are designed with our technology partners according to your specific waste type and can be integrated with your existing waste handling systems.

Thermal Treatment

The pyrolysis kiln operates typically at around 850°C, depending on the waste type, and optimised for efficiency or throughput via an easy to use PLC controller. Heat evaporates remaining moisture from the waste. As the temperature rises, the waste is reduced to a thermally decomposed solid char and a raw syngas.

Energy Generation

The combusted hot syngas released from the pyrolysis process is directed over the pyrolysis kiln, allowing the process to ‘self-sustain’. The hot gas then enters the energy recovery system and is converted into thermal energy for heating or hot water, electricity, steam generation, chilling or water desalination.

Product Recovery

The inert char is typically 10% of the original waste volume. It is at this point that metals, glass and other raw materials are recovered for recycling meeting the needs of a circular economy. For biogenic materials, this char can be repurposed as biochar.

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Waste is not always conveniently located. Therefore, the ability to move the technology close to the point of waste creation and operate in a location with no buildings or facilities is essential. A container-based system is therefore available if deployment, ease of installation, or portability is required.

Skid Mounted

For more permanent locations or larger volumes, then you may prefer our skid mounted variant. Housed in purpose-built temporary building, or within existing buildings, with energy recovery (heat, electricity etc) integrated into existing facilities to save utility costs.



Corporate Social Responsibility

Ensuring that non-recyclable waste is not taken to landfill is what your customers and other stakeholders increasingly expect from your brand. Pyrolysis not only enables you to meet this market demand and protect your market share, but also delivers on your NetZero commitments.

Environmental Savings

Transforming your waste onsite into a resource greatly reduces the number of miles that your waste currently travels (‘waste miles’) and the carbon dioxide (CO2) and other harmful emissions that come with vehicle movements. Generating energy offsets the amount of gas or electricity consumed and the fossil fuel emissions associated with it helping you to meet your NetZero commitments Product recovery also contributes towards a circular economy.

Cost Reduction

Processing waste at the point of creation ie onsite or locally greatly reduces the costs associated with waste. Eliminating landfill taxes and transportation costs. Local energy generation saves the cost of having to purchase gas or electricity. Product recovery reduces the amount of raw material required or adds an environmental revenue stream. Contact us for an economic assessment

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Proven Technology

To demonstrate our technology’s capability to process your specific waste, we provide a comprehensive demonstration facility in Wells, Somerset (UK). This facility enables us to inform and underpin economic models and environmental goals with data on performance, energy, heat and mass balances, emissions and product recovery specific to your waste. Contact us to arrange a demo or a specific trial



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