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December 8, 2021

Mersey Biochar: Carbon Negative Community Energy

Severn Wye, Pure Leapfrog, and PyroCore are excited to announce their recent success in BEIS’ Direct Air Capture and Greenhouse Gas Removal Competition to secure funding from the government’s Net Zero Innovation Portfolio to develop our Mersey Biochar technology and approach within the UK.


Mersey Biochar is an innovative project that will develop a community-owned, carbon-negative energy solution that supports the local economy, local community woodland and local forestry industry.

The solution will not only capture and permanently sequester carbon in the form of solid biochar, but carbon will also be captured in flue gas for utilisation. At the same time, it will produce a range of marketable outputs, including biochar, carbon products for construction, and heat that can be recovered and reused within district heating systems.

The technology we develop is expected to maximise the carbon capture potential of biochar production, reduce the cost of carbon reduction, and offer a range of useful products to market.

Project Coordinator, Dr Rachel Smith, of Severn Wye, explained, “The project enables improved management of local woodland and forestry by putting local waste wood to use, ultimately growing the local supply chain and improving the natural environment. A range of waste products will be trialled to assess their suitability as feedstock and their sustainability for producing biochar alongside potential applications including horticulture, agriculture, construction and gas and water filtration”.

“We believe in developing biochar projects that serve and support the communities in which they are based, leading to greater local investment and an incentive to use the land more sustainably”, she added.

The 9-month project will lead to a comprehensive design study of the proposed technology by the end of the year, leading to a potential demonstrator in Warrington Borough in 2022.

Energy Minister, Anne-Marie Trevelyan, stated, “We are determined to tackle climate change and make it win-win for both our planet and our economy. Today’s major cash boost – targeted at our most polluting industries – will encourage the rapid development of the technologies we need to reign in our emissions and transition to a green economy, one that reduces costs for business, boosts investment and create jobs”.

“Just 6 months ago, the Prime Minister set out a clear 10 Point Plan for creating and supporting up to 250,000 British jobs as we level up and build back greener from the pandemic. Today we are boosting our armoury for the fight against climate change and backing innovators and businesses to create green jobs right across the United Kingdom”, she added.

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