Case Studies

PyroCore in action


HMS Ocean

  • 2 years of extensive testing undertaken by MoD
  • Requirement to process 120kg/hr was surpassed
  • Processed a wide variety of waste streams from food waste to oil sludge
  • Very high availability throughput normal operation
  • Ongoing product support and enhancement since 2011
  • She was sold to the Brazillian navy in 2018 – PHM Atl├óntico

QEC Aircraft Carrier

  • 4 skid mounted pyrolysis units for the UK Royal Navy
  • Onboard Queen Elizabeth Class (QEC) Aircraft Carriers (2 on each ship)
  • 1,000tpa mixed waste per unit. The heat can be used to dry food waste and membrane bioreactor effluent
  • Part of integrated waste management system

Type 23

4 smaller waste destruction only units supplied to UK MoD for Type 23 Frigates for onboard waste
Sterilises and dehydrates waste before vacuum packing into pillows for storage
Integration into operating warship
For ships with smaller crew complements


US Army

  • Containerised unit
  • Deployable to site at short notice
  • Destroys variable waste streams (including clinical and plastics)

Clinical Waste

  • PV250 unit for clinical waste
  • Over 12 months operation
  • EPA compliant

How can I use PyroCore?

There are few limits to the applications for our technology, which already include:

  • Maritime onboard & dockside
  • Clinical & hazardous
  • Islands & isolated communities
  • Plastics & packaging
  • Carpet & textile
  • Automotive Shredder Residue (ASR)
  • Navy & Defence

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